Kristen Chenowith at the 2013 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
a/ka/a Annabeth Schott – Deputy Press Secretary (WW Season 6)


Duo Reunion @ Super Strength

Not sure if our favorite Toby Ziegler can ever get away from his dark side, but with Amy Adams by his side he’s surely got a chance!


“20 Hours in America” is not one of the highlights of the 7 Seasons of West Wing unless you are a die-hard for the Donna-Josh storyline, then you must be a fan of S4-E1.  But this sighting has nothing to do with Donna-Josh.  This has to do with Toby and Cathy (Amy Adams) going toe to toe first on this show.


Richard Schiff and Amy Adams have a reunited toe-to-toe in “Man of Steel”.  Richard’s role isn’t as large as WW fans would like, but it’s enough to sit there in row 12 of a packed theater and point and shout “WW sighting!”. 

Sorry, Russell Crow, but this DUO made the movie for me!

Rob Lowe sighted

Sam Seaborn, my favorite WW Deputy Communications Director and the lucky B%&*@* in the opening scene of the WW pilot, just appeared on 30 Rock.  I have never watched 30 Rock before, and I don’t know if he just appeared or if he’s part of the cast.  The show came on because I’m too busy sitting here at my desk plugging away to care about changing the TV channel.  Also, I heard that main character goofy guy is up for some kind of award – like a SAG or something.

rob lowe in west wing by window

(OK, I know who Alec Baldwin is and I know he’s won every SAG award in his category since 30 Rock first aired – so don’t email me about that!)

Rob Lowe may have just kept me watching past the first season of WW.  Maybe because as a teenager I had pinups of him all over my bedroom walls from cheezy teen mags.  Maybe it just felt like hanging out with an old friend who has no clue that I exist.  Or perhaps it’s simply his dreamy eyes and not-quite-developed witty charm.

My favorite Sam Seaborn scene on WW?  When he got drafted by his peers to educate a room full of elementary students on the history of the White House, in the hopes of impressing his boss’s daughter.  He thought the boss’s daughter was a student.  He didn’t know a single fact and in pretending to be a know-it-all, he showed himself up and was caught red-handed by the teacher.  The teacher, just so happened to be the boss’s daughter!  CLASSIC!

What’s your fav Sam Seaborn moment?

11:11 Forwards Backwards and Upside Down

I’m not sure if this is a phenomenom or coincidence or something altogether different.  But for months now, I happen to look at the clock at precisely 11:11 (am or pm).  Why is that?

I can go all day, and only glance at the clock a few times.  I may even go hours with out looking at the clock, like that lazy time after dinner when I’m sitting on the couch just waiting to fall asleep.  And without fail, I will glance, unprompted, at the clock on my cable box and see 11:11 on the box.  Then, to poke fun, lately I have been shouting out “11:11 Forwards backwards and upside down” as the family has started keeping up with this strange happenstance.

digital clock 11:11

I’ve done some research, and some people are saying it relates to Revelations 11:11.  Some are saying it’s our gaurdian angels letting us know they are around.  And others have no clue.  One thing I have learned for sure, is that I am not the only person out there experiencing this happenstance.

Whatever school of thought you might believe in to justify logically why this happens, I’d love to hear it.  Until then, I am going to live in the notion that its either probably close to lunch time or bed time, and either way it’s time to give thanks to God.

So, 11:11 Forwards Backwards & Upside Down.  Praise God!

West Wing is Everywhere! The start of recent alumni sightings.

It has been 5 years since my favorite, or should I say coveted, TV series went off the air.  It was the only TV series that I ever managed my time around.  I’ve heard of people doing that, but I never understood why.  Until I met President Bartlett and his quick-witted staffers.  And since May 2006, I still haven’t found that one show that not only intrigued me enough to want more and actually schedule a recording on my DVR, but also educated me on a subject without even trying.

In recent years, I have been driving my fiancee nuts by noticing West Wing related actors, producers and directors still making impacts in the entertainment world.  It has become even more surprising how far the West Wing reach has become.  Aaron Sorkin did a fabulous job establishing a talented cast, surrounding them with celeb cameos and B-list guest stars, that its forever-ism was imminent.

west wing cast martin sheen

So, to put a thorn in my guy’s side and to just have a little fun, I’m taking my blog to the place where only us West-Wing watchers can only go after the end of the show.  To speculation, dreaming and continuing the conversation as we relive favorite moments like when a tear swells up when, for the last time, you see the napkin “Let Bartlett Be Bartlett” or the triumphant laugh when Danny mistakenly presents CJ with a real goldfish or when Lily Tomlin sprays the screaming Josh and Toby with water.  This list just goes on.

So, let’s get started.  Here are three recent West Wing alumni sightings.

January 22, 2012 – Kristen Chenowith (WW Annabeth Schott: Deputy Press Secretary for Media Relations (Season 6);  SANG the national anthem at the NFC Conference Championship (49ers vs. Giants).  After I got over the shock that a fav alumni was on stage again in my living room, I became re-shocked at how well she sang.  Tear.

Tonight – we are watching a DVD of “Catch Me If You Can” which features co-stars Amy Adams (WW guest star) as Nurse Brenda Strong and Martin Sheen (WW President Bartlett) as Brenda’s father.  Cool.

Recently – my guy has developed an affixation with the new TV series “Southland”.  Bummed out that his favorite TV lady detective was the teenage daughter on the 1980’s sitcom 227.  Bummed because he never watched 227.  Double bummed because I knew something he didn’t without having to refer to Wikepedia.  And to force the issue, its Executive Producer is John Wells – also Executive Producer of WW.  SCORE!

Stay tuned for more sightings.  Please comment with any of your recent WW alumni sightings.

The Waterford of Marketing

One of the key benchmarks of the greatest leaders of all time is Effective Communication.  I’ve spoken on this topic before where I’ve used Dr. Martin Luther King as an example.  Can you imagine what would have happened at the Million Man March if Dr. King wasn’t clear in his communication of Peace?  What if he said something unclear and a million men got mad?  They could’ve stomped through the rose garden and overthrown the White House.  Albeit a far stretch, but you get the idea.  Dr. King very eloquently communicated his message in such a way that it inspired people to act in alignment with his message.  A whole movement was started with just a few simple words from a simple man with a simple idea.

The same is true for your company.  If you are not clear in what you are asking of your potential customers, how do they know what you want from them?  Just today I was consulting with a company who wanted me to promote X for her, when what she really wanted was Y.  Folks, get crystal clear on what you want before you ask.  This is my Waterford principle.

Waterford crystal is known to be the best crystal in the world, and I’m fortunate to own a few pieces of it.  What makes it so great is very interesting.

Viscosity The viscosity of molten glass used for the creation of crystal is much higher then that for say, soda pop bottles.  Viscosity is the resistance of flow (water is low, honey is high).  In communication, you need to determine the viscosity, or the resistance, of your message.  Effective communication with a low viscosity will have a receptive audience.

Index of Refraction There are alot of types of glass and crystal available today.  What makes Waterford so valuable is it has a higher then average (even for crystal) Index of Refraction.  Meaning it disperses light at a higer rate then lower grades.  In effective communication, the message needs to disperse evenly to the audience, or confusion will have a chance to propegate.

Be clear in what you are asking your audience.  If it’s for a promotional item – be clear on what the promotion is and WHY it matters to them.  If you’re struggeling with this, I encourage you to buy a piece of Waterford for your desk, use it to drink your water out of as a luxurious daily reminder.

Words are a luxury.  Use them wisely.

“Waterford of Marketing” (c) 2011 Laurean Vincent

Back Into The Why

Launching any marketing initiative, just because you can, should be a cause to pause into the WHY of it.  Perhaps the decision is to create a blog, have a presence on FaceBook or Twitter, or to even send a direct mail piece.  But before you launch yourself into any marketing endeavor, the first question you should be asking yourself is WHY?

Why be in this space?  You need to determine why this particular medium or outlet.  Every branch of marketing tools has its own particular purpose for the reach and they are not all created equal.  And the tool or formula to effectively tie them together has not yet been developed.  Although this site I found today does a good job.

Why do I want to reach this audience?  Determining why you want to reach this audience will help you better craft your message. Will this audience be receptive in this format to your message?  The same message you use in your email campaigns will not necessarily be the same message in your FaceBook posts on your page or in a press release.

Why do I want to use this tool?  Are you wanting to create awareness, establish a presence, reinforce branding, generate leads, or encourage a sale?  Every tool out there has it’s own purpose and they should all lead to a sales lead somehow.

In otherwords, identify what it is that you want to accomplish and then back into the mechanism(s) to help you get there.